"One of my favorite gifts from the universe is knowing Debra Johnson. This has been my delight for more than 20 years and I look forward to an eternity of it.

There is an aspect of that delight that is available to anyone spending any time in her company. She reflects such a strong connection to Spirit that in her presence you are reminded that you are a 'spiritual being in a physical body' - a much needed reminder in a world that would have you think we're just ego-bodies. That is a gift in itself but Debra offers us something even more.

She supports in the form of her intuitive connectiveness with Spirit - whether it's a card reading, an energy treatment, an astrological interpretation or whatever you seem to need in the way of pushing the boundaries of your perception.

Like the finest of neighbors with a well stocked tool box, she lends you the tool and helps you use it.

I could muddle through my project/life with my own tools but as often as not, the choices are many and our perceptions are so myopic. Time and time again Debra's insights have lit my path and cleared my way."
Karen Baker, Lake Placid, Florida



About Soul Goods, Inc.

In 2010 Debra Johnson took a leap of faith to pursue her dream of having her own metaphysical practice, which she named "Soul Goods".

Debra comes from a long line of women who were known in their communities as "healers" and "remodias", a Spanish word meaning "those with the remedies".

Debra manifested "psychic abilities" at a young age and was nurtured by her Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. Although her paternal Grandmother passed before she was born,
it was said that she too was very "gifted".

Debra has been a student of Astrology for over three decades and is extremely knowledgeable in interpersonal astrological relationships. In addition Debra has been an intuitive tarot card reader for 33 years and is highly regarded.

Debra has also pursued knowledge and research of the human energy field and recieved her Reiki Master in Sedona, Arizona in 2005.

Soul Goods was founded with the intention of providing an atmosphere and environment that is conducive to Wellness, Serenity, Relaxation, Clarity and Peace of Mind.