Seven “major” or primary chakras

Although there are many chakras in our body, there are seven primary chakras located along our spinal column. According to David Tansley in his book “Radionics and the Subtle Bodies of Man”, the seven major chakras are formed at points where the meridians, or nadis, cross twenty-one times.

Our attitudes and beliefs add character and emotion to the Chakras, which then distribute the energy to our cells, tissues and organs. This creates the quality of our physical and emotional experience.

Associated with each of these seven chakras are specific mental, physical, spiritual and emotional characteristics and functions.

For example, each chakra resonates with a particular musical note and color and has a relationship to one of the various glands of our endocrine system. Symptoms of illness, our personality, and even our life experiences can be attributed to a balance or imbalance in one or more of the chakras.

Fear, anger and hatred throw our Chakras out of balance, while love, laughter and breath bring them into harmony. When our chakras become unbalanced, the associated organs, body parts and characteristics are affected. And, since all the chakras are intimately linked, a block at one will affect the functioning of the others, causing physical, emotional, mental, and or spiritual damage and distress.

In her book titled “The Book of Chakras”, Ambika Wauters says “Chakras are the key to physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity.”

Chakras and our subtle energy system

We’ve all heard that everything in the universe is made of vibrating energy. Everything that we see, touch, taste, think and feel...it's all Energy.

Everything in the physical dimension is energy focused into matter. The energy that makes up our bodies is the same energy that forms the walls of our houses, the trees and rocks outside; even our thoughts and emotions. It’s all the same; constantly in motion, just vibrating at different frequencies.

And each of us can learn to direct this energy to balance and heal our bodies, our relationships, and our lives. This article is an introduction to our chakras, which are an aspect of our energetic bodies, and how to use the sound of our voice to cleanse and balance our chakras so we can live lives of peace, health and happiness.

Vortexes of Spinning Light

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning wheel, circle or turning. Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy through which we receive, transmit, and process life force energy. They are centers of electromagnetic energy that serve as the interface between our spiritual or energetic body and our physical body; between mind and matter.

Modern medicine doesn’t recognize the existence of chakras because they can't be measured with scientifically approved electronic equipment. However, the nervous system plexuses that the chakras connect to are recognized. The solar plexus is an example of one that can be seen. A plexus is a network of intersecting blood or lymph vessels or intersecting nerves. There is a plexus for each of the endocrine glands. Chakras synchronize the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that make us who we are. And, if the chakras aren't working properly, we get dis-eased, unhappy and “out of tune”.

Energy must stay in motion

In an extremely simplified explanation, energy must remain moving at all times. When a mountain stream stops moving, the water stagnates, resulting in lack of oxygen which causes toxic, fetid water and an inability to sustain healthy life. The only remedy necessary is to get the water flowing again; no medicines, antibiotics or pesticides are needed. As with the stream, energy in our body must continue to flow.  When it stops....we stop.  

Subtle energy

This life force energy, also known as Qi, Prana and Sekhem, is filtered through several “layers” or “subtle bodies” before it enters into our physical body. Depending upon what book you read, these layers have different names, but collectively, are commonly known as the Aura. 

Pure Life Force Energy cannot be processed by our bodies without “filtration”.  It must be "stepped down", similarly to the way the electricity used to power our homes is reduced from many thousand volts to 110 volts, via a transformer.  
Chakras are like transformers; they transform high voltage, Life Force Energy into a frequency our bodies can use.

The energy is then delivered to the meridians (Chinese Medicine) or Nadis (Ayurvedic Medicine), the various nerve plexuses and the organ systems.